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Wednesday, September 21, 2005



Well, goodness, gracious, I better update my links! You go and get yourself a fancy new page (and I'll bet this one even publishes an RSS feed!) and post more in one week than you had in the last month...aah, new love ;)

(I like it, it looks good, the orange links font against the black background is very Halloweenie)

How's next weekend for a spin-in? It's awesome of you to offer to host again so soon, are you sure you don't mind? It is definitely my up, and you could bring Leila here too (I think she'll like Snowball more than Jasper) but it is perpetually messy and we are still chasing down phantom pee smells (I swear it is the dog downstairs, not my 'ball) but all that can be resolved by next week, so...your house is closer for MJ though, if she's free. I promise to throw a wing-ding at my house soon, even if not next weekend.


New page is looking good! And by next weekend, WB means October 1st/2nd--I just like to clarify because I've had lengthy (and pointless) conversations with folks about which is "next" and which is "the weekend after next" and so on...

I dated a guy in highschool who wore more makeup and hairspray than I did...aaah, the 80s.


October 2 - say at 1pm? We could do a pot luck deal too if ya'll like.

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