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Sunday, November 27, 2005



Yes she is! Such a good girl!

I don't think we helped with your handcards but it was nice of you to say so ;). I haven't used mine much at all and do need to practice--I will and maybe then I can help.

I think the socks look very cool.


So sad that I missed out yet again. I'm really going to make it out to knit with you gals one of these days, it sounds like so much fun!

Just read your post about the lazer hair removal on your whoo ha. Eeep! I wonder if they can do that for armpits though. I really hate shaving my armpits.

Yarn Abuse

I am with you on the Weasley Twins. I'm such a dirty old lady because of them.


Sounds like you guys had a great time with your woolly balls. Sorry I missed out on the fun! I'm a new HP fan myself - just watched Azkaban last night and am on the 2nd book. Can't wait to see this movie!

On knitting - are you knitting a sock on a 60" circ? Is that that magic loop thing you mentioned? Soooo have to learn that....


your socks look lovely. the patterning looks really cool. and i just saw the goblet of fire this weekend and it was fantastic. i admit i am in love with cedric. he's so beautiful. but the twins were awesome, as always. the even mentioned knitting!


ditton on the twins and both cute dogs :)

next time you hit Village in Solvang let me know, i'm only 45 min north of there!!

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