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Sunday, November 06, 2005



I just love the little dog foot in that one picture.


Hey Nanci! Gosh I miss my Boxer! NOTHING can replace a face like that. Not even yarn ;-)

Sounds like y'all had a great time at the festival. I'm so jealous... I was supposed to be at a Sheep & Wool festival this weekend, but didn't get to go :-( but it's fun to see what others are accumulating. Speaking of accumulating... I tested out my new camera yesterday (the S2IS) and LOVE it. Pics are on my blog. Take care!


Those are some nice lookin' balls.
I regret not buying soap. I just have so much soap. But I should have bought their soap.

I dig the picture of MJ with her arms way up, very graceful.

When I took a nap after we came back, I dreamed about spinning the fleece I bought in the grease. It was a lovely dream (but kind of sticky).


I'm just glad I used extra-strength Secret that day.

Lovely balls, you can probably make something like Rowan's Biggy Print. But way nicer.

The BF snagged my cashmere fiber and wants a pair of cashemere socks. Yah, right!


What a cute boxer face!!!!

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