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Tuesday, November 15, 2005



God, i hate auto-flushes too. There is one at work that literally flushes automatically three times between entering, peeing, and leaving the stall. It's so wasteful. bleh
But another one of my peeves is non-handicapped people who use the handicapped stall when there are 5 normal stalls to choose from.
I always imagine these people leaving the stall only to see a person in a wheel chair waiting for a stall to open up. That would make me feel so self righteous
Oh, and I hate people who do anything that has them dawdling in the bathroom (not counting proper bathroom events) know, folks who need 20 minutes to do their makeup in front of the only mirror when I just want to check to make sure I don't have anything in my teeth.

Yarn Abuse

This list hits so close to home. I'll add my own, but it's heavy on the pet while also high on the peeve:

There are three stalls in our bathroom. Every day, several times a day, 3 girls from one of the other offices go to the bathroom together causing a clusterfuck and sometimes ONE IS JUST THERE FOR HANGING OUT. wtf? If you're going to go to the bathroom and crowd everyone else out, at least use the damn thing!

Ok, am so totally sorry for venting this on your blog. Hi! Name's Kim! Like your site!


I totally have all the same peeves.

The thing that really gets to me is the same thing that Kim commented on above... Groups of women who congregate in the restroom and talk their heads off and block your access to everything, because they don't understand that there are more appropriate venues for group conversation. ARGH.


Yeah, you hit mine. And Basic Urinal-style Courtesy. If I am the only one in the bathroom, don't choose the stall right next to me. I almost never poop in public, but I still don't like that. What if I want to toot?

And Marnie's comment reminds me of a story I heard about a handicapped woman who would go in and if she found the handicapped stall occupied, bang on it ferociously and yell, "You better be handicapped if you're using this stall, or I'll make you handicapped!" Or something like that. Man, that would really throw you off your game.


HAHAHAHAH... Thanks Nan I was totally cracking my head off! You've always had a nack of putting just the right wording to normal everyday pet peeves that just have the rest of us fuming quietly to ourselves. I love you sis!


And people who stand at the sink long after they're done washing their hands just so they can talk to you through the stall door. I like to pee alone.

And I hate that folks in my building are so stupid that we have to have a sign that says "please do not flush your pads". I felt really bad for the receptionist the day she had to be one to get the news from the plumber.

Dude, #7 has got to be one of my biggest! I've had to pass my shoulder bag under the stall door to someone just so I could get out.


OMG. Number 9.

Our office has its own (unisex) bathrooms. Splash. Is So. Disgusting.


My pet peeve is when they dont refill the tampon/pad machine... and I waste my quarter, but more importantly get NOTHING! Its not like the machine holds 1 of each... I've seen people stock them... they can hold a lot.. if they would only check them when they clean to be sure they aren't jammed or empty!
I have to admit guilty to the usage of the handicapped stall... but only when there is a long line, I'm next and no hanicapped person in sight.. but I get in and get out! No that for the privacy of my own bathroom!


I'm guilty of using the handicapped stall - I have a strong fear of touching anything in public restroom and the H/C stall doors open out so your pant legs don't touch the toilet when you shut yourself in. 'Sides the H/C bathrooms are not prohibited to non-handicapped people, so I stopped feeling bad about it.

But Nancy, you forgot a couple of the big peeves: Pee on the floor! I put my feet in my car! Now I've got someone else's dried up pee on my brake pedal! Euuw!!

Little kids who look under your stall. It always makes me wish I was doing something really bad like snorting coke or something. ("Mommy - the lady next door is putting white stuff in her nose! Can I try it?")

The bathroom attendant that I'm supposed to tip because she handed me a paper towel that I didn't ask for.

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