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Friday, January 06, 2006



I actually like your avitar! And the socks are great... I didn't even notice the color difference until you mentioned it. I also want to learn how to do two socks on two circs sometime soon (say that 10 times fast!). And you know... I'm getting so impatient waiting for my KnitPicks Shine to arrive, that I just may start the KAL with something else. I do have some apple green Shine here but I didn't really want to do Picovoli in that color. What do you think?

spaazlicious (wendy)

Dude, I'm bringing knitting in case all y'all bore the shizzle out of me...

I think the socks look great!


Definitely bring your knitting--I love how it fascinates non-knitters! And anything fried! We've got booze (I think I covered all the booze basics), but any party is more fun with more booze and yarn. At least it is now that I'm not in my early 20s. As far as I can remember ;-)


Hey, I'm starting the Wyvern socks and I'm not sure I'm interpreting the pattern right. Do you remember if the first couple of pattern repeats looked kind of weird?

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