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Saturday, January 21, 2006



I could go for that Cotton Fleece. Hmm, I have some Cascade Lana D'Oro I could swap you for it, 2 or 3 skeins in deep red, 50/50 alpaca/wool. Nice yarn. I knit a sweater out of it, but bought too much (discontinued on eBay, didn't want to risk running out).

See you tomorrow!


I did that last January and there's no way I would do it again. I don't have to take it out to know that despite knitting way over 10kg of yarn in 2005, I've got more than last year.


That was a fun trip through your stash:)


Cotton Fleece is all yours Jessica!


Wow - you have a nice selection there! Mighty fine yourself!


You are so funny. I would love to jump in those piles of gorgeousness and roll around a little bit. ;)

Your stash is way better than my stash!


Good gawd! I can't flash my stash because I've just recently gotten it all INTO nice little boxes. There's no way it's all coming back out again.

I could flash my rash--damn poison oak! Or I could flash my trash--we still have a cardboard and lumber city in the back yard.

Have fun at the Library!

Yarn Abuse





I need to show this to my hubby - he thinks I have a lot, and I only have a few hanks here and there. He would freak out if he saw your stash.

Mary-Kay Tilden

Uummmm, woah. Now that's a lot of stash. Except who am I to talk with all of my fleeces and roving laying around. I guess I've got it going on over here too! Dang it all!!!



come on over to:

you have some stash to show off!


granny panties? Nipple stickies? What's up with that? (only half right)


so when i say i wanna roll around naked in your yarn stash, you know i mean that in a good way, right?


Sorry but granny panties and nipple stickers are required to even come within 10' of my stash.

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