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Tuesday, February 14, 2006



Bummer. I'm sorry you're sneezing with the bunny fur! I feel bad now because I oozed on and on about how much I love this yarn.
Looks like on your first tier, you missed your right half triangle on the end. That would have been where you picked up your 8 stitches on your second tier. Confusing?

Good luck, and I can send you some tissues if you like....


Ah, expert here to pass out some advice. Passover 3 more stitches, add two, ssk, ssk, flip it over and repeat. Rub your tummy and pat your head, then, take two asprin and call me in the morning. Wait, did I say Passover? My jewishness is showing. Follow my advice and your Lady E will look like my pink and orange Very Easy Vogue dealy-o. Good Luck....

Cristina (CrissyPo)

Wow, you've gotten a lot done! Too bad about the sneezing.

Secret Pal

Happy Valentine's Day!!
A package is on its way to you! A little late for V-day...I guess I'm prolonging the joy!


What's all this about bunnies and Passover? Am I celebrating the wrong holiday?

Good luck on Lady E...I have no idea what to do for you. But I did just see a finished shawl over at Fig and Plum...


Oh nooo - I have to say I agree with heather. I noticed in the picture that the top right corner bright blue rectangle should be a triangle instead. When I get home I'll look at mine, and take a close-up pic of the right side. And look at the pattern.

Sorry I'm at work and can't help immediately! :(


Oh - yes, regardless, then that right triangle is done the yarn will be on the other side and you pick up there. Then those rectangles will be knit on at 90 degree angles to the previous row.

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