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Friday, February 24, 2006


Secret Pal

I love that KSH combination! Can't wait to see how it unfolds!


Oh, DON'T be so hard on yourself! It was just a little dalliance. ;-)

Cristina (CrissyPo)

I can totally see why you would be tempted by Butterfly--you have to mix it up! It's good to have a project that you can do while chatting and one that you can't (I actually messed up on mine last night, so distracted was I by figure skating). I hope I get to see Butterfly soon!


Wow-that black cherry is beautiful! Ho!

I missed you guys last weekend! But I love how the Whistlestop looks like a set from Amelie.


Fantastic color combo for the butterfly!


Where you been! Out hustling yarn I see. What's it there for but to fall in love with? The butterfly yarn combo is inspired!

Your snippet about "junk in the trunk" reminded me of 40-YO Virgin, and all the laughs that entails. Perfect for a Friday morning in the office. Back to work for me!


Oh the KSH! Oh the lace, Oh, I need a cold shower.
Lovely Butterfly, it will be gorgeous!

Glad to see you're sticking with Lady Eleanor. It's looking fab also.


Echoing all those comments on the Kid Silk Haze combo, gorgeous! And there's nothing wrong with badonkadonk, I have it too. (See, I learned a new word :)


Oh my gosh, your first paragraph read like a cheap romance novel and got me worked into a tizzy! Going to take a cold shower now ;-)

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