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Thursday, March 02, 2006



Whooo! That's a pretty bad bedspread. Sorta doesn't fit that New York theme... Can't wait to see The Lady Sunday!


I've stayed at that hotel - but I didn't know they charged to use the fitness room! Are you kidding me? See you Sunday!


Very cool - that pretzel looks yummy. I was watching the LV episode of '$40 a Day' last night. I think if I ever went to LV I would have to bring stretchy clothes...


Woah Doctor, I want that pretzel right now!

Heather Wolff

Be sure to check out Two Crazy Ladies Yarn Shop while you are in LV!! They are super nice and have some yummy yarn!! It's on the corner if Sahara and Rainbow, in the shopping center across from 7-Eleven! They got so excited when I made it a point to stop in while I was on vacation!


LOL, that bedsheet reminds me of those Magic Eye things where you go cross eyed trying to see a 3D image. Groovy!


OMG, that food looks amazing!!! Have a great time -- you can always make up for it later ;-)


Oooh, Lost Wages can be a fun place. I hear they've got a couple of great yarn shops. Go see if they have a slot machine at the yarn shop. Because every place in Lost Wages has one, right?

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