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Tuesday, March 14, 2006



Snobs don't participate in fundraising runs! Didn't anyone tell you!

Sorry to hear you're feeling poorly. Your sunny Curious socks are lovely!!

Au Revoir!


A beeeyouteefull post ma petit pois. Zoot aloors zee socks are yorjus, just yorjus!


Those are some great socks!
Sorry you don't feel good.
Your new home is going to be so pretty with your finishing touches. You must be so excited!
I'm so glad you like your bracelet! *whew* It looks even prettier in your picture than it did in mine. :) Thanks for the shop plug! Man, I need to get a real name for it don't I? So lame.


I can't wait to see photos of the new house all prettied up! Love that wood! Hehe...wood.


Those socks are gorgeous! I wish we'd been sitting closer at lunch.


Love those socks - gorgeous colours :-)


Those socks look cool! I've got my needles now and am almost ready to start my first pair!

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