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Friday, August 25, 2006



That looks great on you!! Love the color. Funny I have all the purple yarn, but have never knit myself something purple! May have to do something about that soon.

Anywho - been wondering about you. Glad to know you were just knitting away!


That looks great on you! Great job!


Looks great--I love the look of Lila in the background!

Cristina (aka CrissyPo)

Ahem...this rat likes Orangina so much she's knitting it herself. The purple looks great on you :)


Congrats on your Orangina! Looks great!


It's oh so lovely! More importantly, though, welcome back to Blogland! You were missed, and I couldn't look at that red-eyed freak any longer!


That is just wonderful - love the colour and it looks just too damn good. Well worth taking the longer scenic route with it. Love the blog - v funny.

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