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Thursday, October 12, 2006



Sorry, had to side with the boybird.

Those bedazzled things should be worn with acidwash jeans (don't forget to iron them and have that razor sharp crease on the front).

See? I know about fashion!


I like the pretty jeweled shoes :)


gotta go with mr. bird here. you got cute little toes.... btw.


I'm gonna go "on the fence here" - I'd go for the black only b/c they feel more stable and wowza those just looking at those heels makes me trip; but I'd go with the jewels for the sparkly lovelies ;)


being a techie in a man's world, i loved those days when i could remind the boys who they were dealing with (as if they didn't already know). wear the sparkly heels, and take a footsoak later.

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