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Sunday, December 17, 2006



Oh dear. Well, I guess I hope he got into the walls, and you're not going to find a foot sticking out of Lila's poo. Best wishes on a safe return for mr. stinky.


oh dear! i hope ted e. makes it home soon! have you tried dressing lila up as a lady hamster with lipstick and false eyelashes? it always worked on bugs bunny! seriously though, i hope you find the cute little bugger soon!


Oh, dear. I don't like the sound of this.


Oh dear!!! (I had to keep up with the above posters in the "Oh Dear" department.
I hope you find him! Just hope he doesn't find a MRS. Then you might have the same situation I had with my couch! Totally NOT good. Good luck!


Oh dear...not good at all. Maybe Lila helped him escape?


Oh dear. Oh, my goodness! Good heavens! Oh me, oh my! Oh, my goodness gracious!

Cristina (CrissyPo)

Oh no! (sorry-messed it up ;). I hope Ted is okay and that you find him soon!


Did you find him yet? We once lost a hamster for a year, when I was a kid. That 25 lbs of birdseed by the door and the slowly-leaky pipe inside the wall of the bathroom served him in good stead, till the night he ran across my brother's face. My brother was sound asleep--but he woke up fast, and it was back to the cage for you!

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