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One-Line Bio

Knitter with the attention span of a tsetse fly


100 Things About Me

1. I have crafting ADD, only knitting has lasted more than a couple of months and a couple hundred dollars.
2. I was born in Vietnam, and came to the US at age 2
3. I recently went back to visit with my parents and had a great time
4. I miss all the great food the most.
5. I am dangerously passive aggressive
6. I have an over active imagination and have been known to regularly freak myself out
7. I cry when listening to sad song lyrics, and during sad parts in movies regularly.
8. I love to cook, but really hate to clean.
9. My house could be a lot cleaner.
10. I've got a passion for MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online roleplaying games a la Everquest etc)
11. I have burned a LOT of hours with #10 and hope that I never go back to being that obsessive again.
12. I've neglected my home life and occasionally work life because of #10.
13. I still feel the call of similar games like an addict desires a hit of crack cocaine.
14. It sometimes makes me wonder if I'm losing myself in a make believe world because I'm not satisfied with the real one.
15. I'm non confrontational almost to a fault.
16. I love all things cute and furry.
17. I'm not always a very diligent pet owner. Many a fish and lizard has died in my absent minded care.
18. I don't neglect my dog however.
19. I love her more than I can ever say, she's my baby girl and just amazing.
20. I never thought I'd be a dog person.
21. I like cats too but I'm allergic.
22. I have a rather submissive personality.
23. I am intrigued by D/s
24. I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school for most of my life.
25. This includes an all girl's Catholic High School
26. I consider this a big reason why I'm a perv
27. I love making jokes about sex and appreciate people who dont get offended too easily.
28. I can be stand offish
29. I have a hard time socializing with strangers, and always feel really awkward at parties.
30. I'd like to have children some day
31. I'm really afraid I won't be a good enough mother.
32. This fear keeps me from actively trying, along with a few other reasons I wont be talking about.
33. I wonder sometimes if my delaying pregnancy is really a fear of committment on my part.
34. I believe that love is love is love.
35. I'm a little conflicted about how much children are affected by gay couples as far as shaping their views.
36. I don't know any gay couples so that may be part of why I'm not really sure how I feel about it.
37. I consider myself a moderate liberal.
38. I'm also more than a little bi-curious
39. I am extremely proud of my parents
40. I don't talk about "family" business in public to people I am not close too.
41. I think that airing dirty laundry is a mark of poor upbringing
42. Manners are underrated, and I think having atrocious manners has become horribly common.
43. I have a very definate sense of personal space. Only in the last 10 years have I become more comfortable in regularly hugging my friends.
44. I've only started regularly telling my sister that I love her in the last couple of years.
45. It feels really good, and I'm very happy where our relationship is nowadays.
46. I'm really bad at keeping in touch with my friends.
47. I'm very bad at returning phone calls from said friends who are trying to keep in touch with me.
48. I really like the concepts of karma and reincarnation from the Hindu religion. Reaping what one sows and constantly being reborn to try and better oneself on a transcendental plane appeals to me.
49. My mom would be horrified and feel like she failed if I converted though.
50. She knows I dont go to church but she's in denial.
51. I tend to completely obsess over things for a while then lose interest at the drop of a hat. Although that pattern has changed in the last few years.
52. I never want to own a mini-van
53. I'd like to someday be a MILF
54. I can come across as demure and timid but I like to shock people sometimes.
55. I have a very morbid sense of humor
56. I will try just about anything once
57. I have never broken any bones.
58. Or been stung by a bee and now have a huge fear of bees
59. I'm a bit of an optimist - even when signs point to disaster.
60. I can love with my entire being.
61. I'm a little naive, ok - a lot naive.
62. I am also known to be gullible and overly trusting.
63. I like to be taken care of.
64. I have a rather traditional view of the family structure. I guess that makes me rather old fashioned.
65. I'd like to stay home to raise my kids when I have them.


World domination and knitting, in that order. Cause when I'm in charge...