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Friday, September 30, 2005



I started replying in e-mail but figured we could yak about the details Sunday, ja?

I love the pacific northwest, it's gorgeous. But since we have to stay in CA until we win the lottery, Eureka is our thing.

And I had never heard of Tilapia until this year, but damn, that is a tasty filet o' fish with the panko from Trader Joe's and the mango salsa and some lime? And I hate fish (or as my parents told my brother, "flat chicken").

And, whatever. You don't need to have your hair and makeup just done to look hot, just ask your husband, I'm sure he'll agree w/ me.

(He damn well better, or I'll kick his lanky redfuzzed @ss ;))


How did you know he had red fuzz on his ass... damn I thought I'd destroyed those photos.. oops.

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