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Tuesday, November 22, 2005



The time of year for turkeys and trimmings and bush San Diego.
No pics? ;)

The coffeeshop across the street from the Grove has expanded into a nice space, although when I went in the staff were, er, dorks. Or Claire du Lune, which is closer to Heidi anyway. I'm dying for a spin-together. And the critter crawl, I can't remember what we decided on that, do it in December?


Gosh, I miss you guys so much. No one here discusses waxing and whoo ha's. Yet, anyway! Happy Thanksgiving!!


Well since we're sharin' and all, I haven't even seen a razor in months! Whoohooo! We're gonna need a machete to get through them jungles!

Ahem. Yeah. Critter Crawl--you guys name the date. I'll just say that I am OFF FROM WORK (there aren't enough words to describe my joy) from Dec. 22 through Jan. 3ish. And for the next four days of course.

And that coffee shop in South Park is awesome! If I didn't like beer so much, I'd recommend moving the Whistle Stop thingee across the street only because it's cozier and quieter. Yeah, like I go to these things.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!


OMG, you are too funny. I'm not sure about Brazilian, but for bikini? I'm gonna have to look into that.....


Oh the mental picture of myself and the Grande Plie!!! Come on girls! You know you did too!!


I confess I'm a wimp when it comes to trimming. Thank goodness I'm not that follicularly abundant!

Let's leave it at that.


That is a darn good idea! It's not my favorite shower chore.

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