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Tuesday, December 20, 2005



Hey don't get me started on those holes. When I was in Singapore the last time, I kept getting the stalls with those horrible holes in the floor. I'd hang on for dear life, and barely do what needed to be done. Then, my MIL tells me that the stalls I had been using all that time were for the Muslims (who prefer the holes in the ground) and that I should have opted for the stalls to the right instead! I guess the stalls to the right have toilets!


Love, love, love that picture.
Using that and not peeing on myself would take come mad urinary skilz, yo.


Fun, aren't they? I soon discovered the difference between the 1 Bhat and the 2 Bhat toilets in Thailand. And yeah, there is nowhere to put your hands, unless you get lucky and have a stall. Then, no sink or soap. Oh yeah, that sanitizer stuff was my best friend, and we carried tissue packs everywhere....


Whoa! Didn't know there were such things...I'll sign off as non-worldly jillian!


hahaha, this summer I was in Malaysia....we landed in KL, and the first stop was the bathroom...I walked into the stall and GASPED and said something like "oh lordy..i can't!"...squatting toilets?! I had totally forgotten..big culture shock :D My sis took a picture of me right after with a pouty, shocked look on my face ;)

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