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Monday, December 19, 2005



Thanks for the lists of people! I used yours to help me with mine. :)


Jillian was her name, from sknitty:

That is some serious linkaliciousness! We have to find some sort of a space-time wormhole that lets us shop at wildfibers and go to these L.A. things without having to drive 2 hours. I like the fun in the car, but it does make for a long day. Critter Crawl first weekend of the year?


Aww man, of all the weekends for me to slip into hermit mode... looks like you guys had fun, though, wrong coffeeshop notwithstanding. :-P

I'm also amused by the fact that there were more SD bloggers at an LA meetup than at most local gatherings. Or at least the ones that I've been to, anyway...


So glad we all were able to meet up at Knit Cafe! It was amazing seeing so many knitters from all over get together like that. So much fun all around :-)


Yay! I loved meeting up, and wish I had more one and one time with everyone. There was so many people there, it was nearly overwhelming


Maybe the next time there's an LA/SD meetup it will be somewhere in the middle. It was good to see you again, Nancy. So what're you making with the lovely blue alpaca?


Dag-nab-it! Wendy invited me, but my husband's Christmas party was "more" important - NOT. Anyway, it looks and sounds incredible and I'll be there next time! Soooooo glad you are back! Hope you had fun!!!



It was great seeing you again! I think if you went to the right address, you must've been on the other side of the coffee shop the whole time! Damn.

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