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Saturday, January 28, 2006



Man, that looks fun. Too bad my finals start that weekend, or I'd join you.


Such a solid game plan and such admirable goals. You go girl!!!


You are inspiring, aren'tcha? Your goals are much more realistic than mine. I should be able to do that with you--if I can't do 3 miles in 3 months, I probably can't do 13.1 miles in 8, right?

spaazlicious (wendy)

Sounds fun and it's 15 minutes away from my house, hard to beat. Have you already registered or should I smack Nick around until he agrees to get dirty with us and register as a team? Or we could find someone else and leave Mr. Fussypantz out of it.


I haven't registered yet - I figured it would be more fun as a team :)


Yay! Go team! Though you realize we all have to cross the finish line together, right? It'll be like at the airport, Wendy...

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