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Thursday, January 26, 2006


Mary-Kay Tilden

Oh boy, you are wayyyyy advanced for me, that is for sure! That is very cool, now I need to learn that as well!

Ok to answer your question about my blog entry, I use Lanaset Dyes. I buy it all from Pro-Chem on line. It is pretty easy I guess, just a bit confusing here and there if you try to follow the Color in Spinning book. I ended up using the Sock Dying book by the Twisted Sisters. Much easier.


Nancy, I'm glad you posted about your training status--I've been needing a little inspiration and encouragement since I'm getting a slow start. I'm hoping I pick up the pace a bit when our Fitness Center opens for the Spring semester and I've got a treadmill to gauge my progress.


Wow, you've been busy! Your Picovoli looks wonderful. It's so funny how some people like the K2tog's better than the SSK's and some like it the other way around.

Keep up the good work on your training. You're an inspiration to those of us who need to get out and RUN!

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