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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Secret Pal

Why, hello there!

I am your secret pal! And I'm very happy to see your questionaire...this is a great help! I am looking forward to sending you some fun surprises!

And I learned to knit from the same book you did, so no complaints from me on that front!

I'll be in touch!


Awww man! That Sweet Mary Jane Cardigan is adorable! And I've sworn off new patterns!

And the new Rebecca can be seen online, I think.

spaazlicious (wendy)

Hey, throw the Thing Which Needs Fringe and the Ball From Whence the Fringe Should Come into a bag and bring them next time we get together. I find it amusingly mindless, and as long as you aren't a huge stickler for evenness or doghairfreeness I can knock that shit out easypeasy.

Definitely agree with number one. I knit too slow to not knit with something I love. Although, I didn't really dig the cotton I just used, but it turned out all right because it was a fast knit and a stashbuster, so that's different.

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