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Sunday, February 05, 2006



You looked damned good. It might not have been the Picovoli though. ;)


That color is great on you! I agree about the joins, I usually do a doubled up join and then lightly weave it in, I tried doing the Russian once and I had about the same result.

Mary-Kay Tilden

I thought your Picovoli was STUNNING! You are a fab knitter I must say. Hillari and I saw the guy/girl later again, just as bizarrre as the first time. Great to see you again. You are one funny girl!

Secret Pal

Great job! I've never tried the Russian join...I usually double up, too. Seems to work just fine...


Picovoli looks lovely!

And I get the same results when doing the Russian join - I have no idea why some people like it so much. To each their own, I guess.

I need to be a more social knitter this year. Because I agree, SD knitbloggers are fun to hang out with!


Your Picovoli turned out fabulous! Love the color.


Picovoli is wearing you, baby!

So, who actually went running last night? After two pints and a giant burrito, I confess the only marathon I did was 6 more episodes of Buffy.


I went running - but only did 6 repetitions and one run up the hill.


Woohoo! You finished your Pico and it looks amazing! I couldn't get the Russian join to work either -- every time I pulled the needle through the plies it just came right back out. I'm sure I must be doing something wrong...

Oh and I finally made a Two Steps Forward button if you want to use it.


I have had good luck with Russian joins, but only when I taper the yarn ends. If it's a plied yarn, I work with half the plies and trim the rest off. This avoids those thicker bumpier bits. If it's wool yarn, I felt the ends together, again, using half the number of plies.
In either case, if it's a single instead of a plied yarn, it can be a little harder to split but with some patience, it can be done.

Looks great, though :)


Good job-that color is great for you! I have some Orchid Shine in the stashola myself :) I bet you could seam/sew in the sides for a tighter fit if you wanted!


You look lurvely in your new Picovoli!! I miss the Whistlestop soooo much, tho' we do knit in a very cool old building with excellent lighting, great coffee, great food and even music so I should not complain TOO much.

I'm pondering Lady Eleanor...what yarn are you using??

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