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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


spaazlicious (wendy)

Ah, bummer. I'll buy ya a pint this weekend and commiserate.


Bummer about the house! I hate that whole emotional roller coaster thing. But congratulations on reaching some running goals. You are really putting me to shame.

Secret Pal

I'm glad you liked your gifties! The captions on your photo cracked me up! I did make the stitch markers...let me know how they hold up, because I'm relatively new to beading.

You can expect your next package around Valentine's Day!


Woohoo for your goals! And woohoo for you pup who doesn't peeter out ;-)

I still need to make a button for the Two Steps Forward rule, huh? Good for you for sticking with it (and me too) and here's to guilt free casting on!

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