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Thursday, July 13, 2006



Holy crap!!! I am so glad you are all fine. whew, what excitement!!


Dammit, that's the last time I hire an assassin on Craigslist. I better get my "only viewed once Dukes of Hazzard DVD" and "spider plant in blue ceramic pot" refunded.

Seriously, though. Zoiks! Glad you guys are okay--Heidi's got those cat reflexes of an urban pedestrian going on.


So glad no one was hurt!
I think if I'd been there I would have curled into a fetal position and knit stockinette in the round until I felt better, though...Must. Keep. Knitting.


I'm so glad my survival instinct is as strong as it is. Though really, I should have thought to yank one of you guys down with me!

And also, my god those boobs are huge!

Cristina (CrissyPo)

Seriously...I don't think it even occured to me to move until I saw Heidi getting out of the way. Good thing, we're all ok.


Holy crap batman! I'm so glad you are all OK! Was that wheel problem in the one picture what caused the accident, or was it a drunk driver or something?


How scary. Glad nobody got hurt. I'm sure that was a little more excitement than you wanted.


Oh my God! I'm glad you are all okay. Was there something that caused the accident?



Gosh, thank God you guys are okay and nothing happened!


Holy Schmoly!!!! This is what happens when I don't show up, eh? I'm glad ya'll are okay and no one got hurt! Do you think the driver was distracted by Heidi's boobs?

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