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Thursday, July 20, 2006



I was so sad when they kicked of Malan! Angela SO deserved to be aufed. They are keeping her because she is Zulema Lite.


I second that emotion! I'm not a huge Vincent or even Malan fan, but Angela was worthless in that episode. I haven't agreed with either elimination this year. But I do so love that show.

Cristina (aka CrissyPo)

After our last conversation, I thought I'd check out the show. I thought it was interesting that at the end there's a blurb about how people are eliminated not only based on how many points they get, but based on the opinion of both Bravo and the producers. I'm guessing that's why Angela stayed--keep mean people on and the viewers will tune in...


Aaaah!! I was just about to do a post on this very thing!! I was sure they were going to boot Angela!! She did NOTHING!! She didn't even do a sketch! At least Malan tried, went through with it and took a chance! Sometimes I think they keep people on just to ensure drama.

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