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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Nurse Shar

I must say, I agree with your review. I love the knit pick needles and I plan to buy more of the smaller fixed cord sizes for socks.


Another positive review! I think I must try these. And I agree about marking the needles. It seems lazy.


Thanks for the review! Considering the HUGE amount of money I'm spending on needles, I will definately look into the KnitPicks. Of course I'm a bit of a needle snob. I want my Addi's for most projects, but like my polished wood for elastic or "slippery" yarn. What are ya gonna do?


I bought the kit and I can't even say that what I spent was a lot of money for what I got. The value FAR exceeds the cost. For a beginner knitter who is sitting on the fence, or even a veteran, I would highly recommend opening the wallet and letting go of the $60. You will NOT miss that money once you have this case in your hands. In time you will STILL be thanking yourself. Interchangeable needle sets are the best thing to happen to knitting since sheep hair.


I try them and they are the best in the market so far.... i might try their yarn next ... thanks for the did a good job comparing them all


This was a VERY well written post and I'm glad it came up in my Google search. I'm convinced.


Thanks for this informative post! I was hunting around for reviews of Knit Picks Options cos THEY ARE FINALLY COMING TO AUSTRALIA. (No more salivating in front of their website only to find they don't ship internationally.) Thanks again.


I got a set of Knitpicks Options needles about a month ago. My only complaint is that they don't have shorter cord lengths. Other than that, they are fabulous. I have several Addis and I don't like them as much as everyone else seems to. So I was worried that the Knitpicks needles would also be less than the hype. Not so. These are the smoothest circulars ever. I can't believe I waited so long to buy them. I wish I hadn't spent so much money on other needles that I no longer need!


Thank you so much for this review. I have been on the fence about buying these. I am a new knitter and back in the fall I stumbled into my local LYS just as they were having their blow-out Going-Out-Of-Business Sale! I bought 2 pairs of Plymouth Speedway circs and I love them! I was considering buying more, but I am looking at pay big bucks to get all I need. Long story short, I am going with KnitPicks Options thanks to your wonderful review!


great review! i just bought the needles and am looking for a good way to organize them. this really is one of the most thorough reviews of ANYTHING that i've ever read. very helpful!


Great Info-- but I am torn between the Nickle palted Options--sometimes a little too slippery, and the multicolored wood Harmony tips, which ae very smooth but feel better in my hands. (also by knit picks and using the same cables). The case is different also. Anyone out there with experience & opinions? Thanks


I want to thank you for this review. I was new to knitting a couple months ago and after reading your review I bought a set. I have since gotten a couple of the new wooden needles also. I love both. I think it was a great investment I doubt I will ever have to buy another needle. I also want to add that I think the case is far better than the other sets out there because the zipper pockets can also hold extra little knitting tools.


Thanks for the review. I was actually looking for one drawback to the Knitpicks interchangeables that I have run into. The needle tips tend to unscrew themselves - I even had one fall off because of this. If they become even slightly unscrewed, they then catch the yarn. I have used the little wrench to tighten the tip onto the cable, but I still have to stop here and there and tighten things. Is it just me or do others experience this?


Brilliant review - not only the comparisons but also the suggestions for improvements. I'm on a mission to buy a set. Thanks very much.


Hey Nancy - excellent review! I'm looking at culling my vast collection of cheap and nasty eBay acquired bamboo needles in favour of a set of interchangables, and this entry has been really useful, so thanks!


great summary..
and I love the Knitpicks harmony ! They are very smooth to knit. :)

I am thinking of buying one set of Addi click interchangeable..
but same case as yours, I have lots of "SIZE 5" projects..
so, probably it's wise to make my own kit in knitpicks.!


Thank you for the review if you go to they carry the
KnitPro Cable Connectors (Pack of 3)KnitPro is the Worldwide version of KnitPicks Options and Harmony There products come from the same Manufacturer the only difference is that KnitPicks does not ship Worldwide

Set of three cable connectors designed to connect KnitPro and KnitPicks cables together.
Set includes:
2 x Small Cable Connectors (35mm)
1 x Large Cable Connector (50mm)
1 x Cable Key

also they have the

KnitPro Interchangeable Needle Cable 16" (40cm)Set includes:

1 x KnitPro Interchangeable Needle Cable

2 x End Caps

1 x Tightening Key

and lastly they also carry #3 needle to attach and 2.75


Great review on all 3 makes. I would add that I would only buy the Knit Picks Interchangeables IF they begin to make them in in a "twist/click" connection. I just don't trust the screw together connections. Everything else about them sounds superb, especially the flexible cables!


Does anyone have trouble with them coming apart at the join? I have had my knitting fall off the needles mid row because the join has loosened. I am afraid to buy a whole set because of this problem. Otherwise I love all aspects of these needles (sharp points, flexible cable, smooth slippery-ish needle, etc)

Maryanne Ward

Which website sells the case that you picture above? I don't find it on KnitPicks or any website that sells the Addi Clicks. Thanks!

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