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Saturday, July 15, 2006



Yay! Sewing! My second "real" job from 1978 to 1980 (omg I am SO old) was teaching sewing at a Singer store in Fullerton. I sold machines too, but mostly I taught. I loved it. Made my first wedding dress even. Good luck with it, it's a fun process ;)


Cool--I'm envious! I asked for a sewing machine two years ago for Christmas and the openmouthed shock...anyway, it's still on the list, but we have no room. I'd like to learn to sew my own skirts and dresses, I never seem to be able to find any that a)fit right b)straddle the line between hoochy and grandma nicely c) are made out of soft light natural fiber. Someday. I'm too damn lazy to do handsewing. (sure, I'll spend 60 hours to knit something, somehow that's different.)


Ooh, I am all about trying to learn to sew right now. I found out you can like, BUY knit fabric and sew together a sweater. Not that I would give up knitting, but expanding my needlework skillz is feeding my secret Project Runway Season 4 fantasies.


I've been thinking about learning to sew lately (because you can't knit everything). Your logic on the cost of supplies makes it all the more tempting!


Yay Nancy! That top is great--I love the tie in the back!

Hey, if you want me to work with you to make your own 50s shirtdress, I can do that too. You should bring your machine over one day and we'll set up at our (new!) dining room table in front of all of our fans! That's the electric kind of fans, not the groupie kind.

Wendy, if you ever want anything custom made (which sounds fancier than it really is), let me know!


It sounds like you guys are having a great time...I should check into those classes myself.

Thanks for the nice comment on Orangina - I look forward to seeing yours!


Ah, another addiction! Remember my nickname is Taniasews and my license plate is TEM SEWS, so it also is a serious addiction. I took fashion design classes at Mesa and tailoring at the SD Community College district. Where are your classes held? Where are you keeping your fabric stash? Have you tried fabric shopping at the National City Swap Meet?


I'm in the middle of doing the same thing!!! I bought a machine yesterday, a refurbished Brother 6000T. I'm searchin & searching for local sewing classes!

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