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Monday, October 23, 2006



I missed Hilari?!? Shit. I should have stayed, but you know I turn into a Pumpkin at 9.30.

I love Hiro! And I swear I'm learning Japanese from him and Ando. (yeah, I'll have a weird & really limited vocab)

I am so pissed at the garbage disposal people for suing NBC --I guess that's why we can't see the pilot, the only one I haven't seen. Hell, it's free advertising, and, since my mom's garbage disposal breaks down when it gets a bit of lime rind down it, I'd be stoked it was represented as being able to crunch up a human hand and still work.


You so did not look goofy! You rocked the wenchy goodness! Arrrgh!

Cristina (CrissyPo)

Hmm...I thought those boots came up higher ;)


oooh waffles!

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