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Wednesday, March 21, 2007



Dammit, so J already has a Nike+? There goes that b-day present idea, back to the drawing board. Do you want to do the 5k together? We're signed up on your team after just sent me forty reminders, so I guess we have no excuse to "forget" and sleep in. ;) We won't be running it either, I've fallen out off shape again. Not good.

The elliptical eats way more calories than the treadmill--if you're short on time. The machine makes me feel like a geek, but I love looking down and seeing that I've burned off two beers in a half hour, I don't seem to have the same burn rate on the treadmill.


Go YOU! Already a 5K? That's brave. And also, have you tried an elliptical machine? It's much easier on the joints, feet, etc.


Wow, those Nikes are too cool. And good for you for getting up the gumption to get in shape. I can't do it, thus I admire anyone who can do it. Keep up the good work!


good for you! I need to get on that bandwagon too. If only I could find a trainer who would move my arms and legs for me.....


Good luck with the running. I bought a Nike+Ipod too and am getting used to using it. My progress isn't the greatest. I can't get the thing to calibrate w/ my running. Did you end up getting the Nike shoes too?


I don't like running either. Even Peter who can run forever doesn't really enjoy it, and he's good at it. But I walk everyday at lunch and if you're not up for a run, you should try walking fast because it's still pretty good for you. For me, I have found, a combination of exercise and really focusing on my food helps. I really like the tips in "French Women Don't Get Fat" because you really focus on enjoying every bite of the food that you like while still making sure that you only eat just what you need. The mindless eating can be a real problem (it is for me, anyway). You might also enjoy some quick paced yoga (not the kind that puts you to sleep ;)

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